• Mexico City has the 6th largest metropolitan population in the world, with over 20 million inhabitants. Every morning, 10 million of those will start their day with a shower, wasting 10 litres of water waiting for the shower warm.


  • 100 million liters of water drained well and truly is an astronomical sum. Imagine if there were to be a collective effort to put this water to good use.

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes tackled the issue in his 2005 project "Zink Sink".

"This device is a funnel that collects this water into a pitcher so that it can be used for other purposes".
We were captivated by the issue, and the underlying sentiment behind the idea, and formed our first challenge around this issue.


In late 2017 there were first mentions of “Day Zero”, meaning severe water restrictions, where municipal water supplies in Cape Town South Africa would largely have been switched off.


This would have meant that residents would have to get their water in form of daily rations instead of free flow from the tap, making Cape Town the first major city in the world to run out of water.  This was unprecendented, and people greatly managed to change their behavior and as a result “day zero” was indefinitely postponed. 

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