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David Maisel

"Maisel’s work over the past two decades has argued for an expanded definition of beauty, one that bypasses glamour to encompass the transmuted, the decomposed. Beauty that is generated at the cost of something precious or the result of flawed choices.” —Los Angeles Times feature, January 4, 2009
Mount St. Helens, 1983
Chesuncook Lake, Maine 1986
It seems that no matter what we do, nature still tunes its own path
The Mining Project (Butte, Montana 7), 1989
Oblivion 8N/9N, Los Angeles 2004
Library of Dust - Asylum

An interesting parallel can be drawn when we ask the question: who's responsibility is it?

Referee Module Interior, Whole System Live Agent Test Chamber, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
Heading 6


Lithium Extraction 1, Salar de Atacama, Chile, 2018
Lithium Processing 1, Salar del Carmen, Antofagasta Region, Chile, 2018
Abandoned Nitrate Mining Town 2, Pedro de Valdiva, Atacama, Chile, 2018
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Asylum 7 - Library of Dusk

Mount St. Helens 23_005, Mount St. Helens 44_019

The Forest 4

The Mining Project (Butte, Montana 7)

Oblivion 8N/9N, Oblivion 11N

Referee Module Interior, Whole System Live Agent Test Chamber

Desolation Desert - Lithium Processing